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We are very eager to bid for any projects you may have. Our bids are extremely competitive. We deliver on or before time.

Dr J. Kalita is a graduate of IIT, Kharagpur, India (B.Tech, Computer Science), University of Saskatchewan, Canada (MS, Computer Science), and University of Pennsylvania (MS & Ph.D., Computer Science). Incidentally, University of Pennsylvania, established in 1746, is the place where the first electronic computer ENIAC was built in the 1940's.

J. Kalita, President, Assam Company of America
Colorado Springs CO 80920, USA

B. Gogoi is an entrepreneur who has been involved with the Internet industry right from the beginnings in the early 1990's. He has consulted for numerous companies, primarily in web based application development and training for small and medium entrepreneurs. Among many other things, he was pioneer in setting up of the 1st website of Assam – Assam Portal ( Currently, he has been working towards popularizing Citizen Journalism in the North East. He has been awarded an individual fellowship by Foundation for Social Transformation (FST) on ‘Promotion of citizen journalism through ICT in the North East’, as his involvement with Assam Times (  a CJ portal.

B. Gogoi, Vice President (India Operations)
New Delh, India